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Commercial  Cookery

Certificate in Commercial Cookery

Certificate in Commercial Cookery endorsed by QUALIFI, United Kingdom

School of Culinary Arts


This programme is designed to equip students with basic cookery skills in a commercial kitchen. Students will be able to perform and organise the food production and commercial cookery accordance with the international standards set by the industry.

Students will receive basic training in food production and be given practical placements at leading hotels.

By the end of the course, students would be equipped and competently trained in basic commercial cookery, with the knowledge and skills to perform their duties, ready to enter into the work field.


Course Structure


The course will be conducted at our training kitchen where
students will be guided by experienced chefs and lecturers.

After completing the course, students will advance with
practical training at an international hotel and/or another
hotel within the city.

The course is organised in a dual form that combines course work (20%) and practical activities (80%) which inculcates knowledge worker occupational core-competences;

• Technical competence (basic knowledge and skills in the
required technical field)
• Learning and methodological competence (lifelong
learning, problem solving activities when planning,
executing and monitoring workplace assignments, and
• Human and social competence (character development,
developing confidence in conversation and presentation
and social integration when working in teams).


Assessment may be a combination of observation, discussion, assignments, practical training tests, projects and practical training placement within leading hotels.


Qualification Structure

The Certificate of Commercial Cookery consists of 10 units.

1. Basic Introduction to Food Hygiene and Safety
2. Culinary Fundamentals

3. Introduction to Meat, Fish and Poultry
4. Stocks, Soups and Sauces
5. Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch
6. Appetiser and Salad Production
7. Malaysian and Asian Cuisine
8. Western Cuisine
9. Desserts Creation
10. Externship

Duration and Delivery

6 months full-time study


There are no formal prerequisites for the programme.

We accept students who are:

• School leavers
• Unemployed graduates
• Minimum age on entry 16 years old
• Meets the entry requirements of Blue Point School of Hospitality and
Culinary Arts

** Those who do not meet the minimum requirement may apply
but will be subjected to an interview.

Successful candidates will require the following before the
commencement of the training:

• Typhoid Injection
• Safety Shoes for Kitchen
• Cook Uniforms
• Collared T-shirt Uniform

Blue Point will arrange the above for the students


Qualification & Recognition

Upon successfully completing this program, students will be eligible to receive the internationally endorsed:


  1. Certificate in Commercial Cookery, awarded by Blue Point School of Culinary Arts  

Career Opportunities

Cook, Demi Chef, Chef in hotels, motels, resorts and
other food & beverage establishments, Restaurant Chefs, Food
and Beverage Manager, Sous Chef, Chef de Partie, Executive Sous Chef, Chef in Cruises, Offshore Oil and Gas Chef, Executive Chef.

Miscellaneous Fee

Malaysian Students
Registration and Administration Fee              :  RM    500

Student Insurance                                            :  RM      40

Materials & Equipments                                   :  RM 1,900*


(*Chef Jackets, Chef Trousers, Collar Uniforms, Chef Bandana, Knives Set for Culinary Arts Students, Utensil Kit for Patisserie Students, Typhoid Vaccine, Safety shoes are excluded)

Our Fee

Certificate in Commercial Cookery

Malaysian Students RM 16,500     

*All fees above are per course fee and are subjected to annual review and may be adjusted accordingly.

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