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Culinary Arts & Professional Cookery

We create Professional Chef 

Our School of Culinary Arts is offering 2 levels of qualifications, 

1) Certificate in Commercial Cookery

2) Diploma in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management 


Diploma in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management - Endorsed by QUALIFI, UK

The Diploma in Professional Cookery (Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management) endorsed by QUALIFI, UK, is ideal for students who want to pursue a career in hospitality management, patisserie and culinary arts, providing a sound basis from which to develop practical skills and knowledge.

At the Blue Point School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts, this programme will set you on the way to becoming a professional chef.


The programme contains a comprehensive portfolio of culinary arts and commercial cookery training, supporting the industry with in-depth expertise and understanding.

Designed to equip students with culinary skills in kitchen management knowledge, the programme will also focus on practicality, hands-on experiences, hygiene and safety.

Students gain knowledge in raw food production and kitchen operations in accordance with the international standards set by the industry.

Our high standard of training excellence combines 20 per cent classroom education with 80 per cent of practical hands-on training at international hotels.


During this time, students are exposed to actual operations of the international class hotel kitchen, where they will develop their operational skills even before embarking on their professional career.


Students learn creative problem solving
whether it is planning, executing and monitoring workplace assignments. They will also gain skills in character development, confidence in conversation and presentation as well as social integration during teamwork.

Students will be assessed through a combination of observation, discussion, assignments, practical training tests, projects and practical training placements.

By the end of the course, students will be ready to enter the work field, armed with our worldwide recognised certificates:

1. Diploma in Culinary Arts and Kitchen
Management awarded by Blue Point School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

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